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Specific software and consulting systems

Specific software

When it comes to software , all companies need creative solutions for their business. The big question is : to use ready systems and adjust the internal routines to the new process, or develop a system for the company? Our company develops software solutions on order...

Hiring a specific software development company has some advantages over other methods:

• Internal routine adjustment: When your company chooses a custom software, it is molded to these needs, which helps to streamline internal processes and specific to your market.

• Design: as opposed to a "ready" software, a specific one is on tune with your company's design and integrated with the operations of your business, being unique to your infrastructure.

• Cost and time: the staff just have to learn how to use a software that is designed for your needs and therefore easier to learn. Employee training costs are eliminated, also as the complexity of learning multiple tools and interfaces.

• Flexibility and security: if there is a possibility of expanding your business or increase the range of services offered, you can make this merger gradually and whenever you want. Made especially for your company, you can decide when and what to add to it.

The development of specific software builds the specific needs of each company, allowing quality of the information and digital mobility.

Systems consulting

Advice on web business models, connectivity solutions, structuring and integration with database and enterprise systems


− Totvs Datasul
− Totvs Microsiga
− Totvs ECM | Fluig


− Progress
− SQL Server
− Oracle
− MySql

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